Have you ever wondered what fertilizer to use? or how often you should fertilize? Learn more…

It’s simple answer a few questions, maybe even submit some pictures of your lawn and a member of our team will tailor a plan made just for you! Some people want a healthy lawn, but don’t need it to be the best looking lawn on the block. So why spend more money when you can save? Plus, we use nothing but the best local products, purchased in bulk, effectively saving you money due to less distribution costs and markups. 

Does your lawn need a prescription? or are you not even sure what you need done? We can help!

“Help! I don’t understand all the services that lawn care companies offer, I don’t even know where to start, or what my lawn needs done. What I do know is my lawn needs saving”.


This is an all too common issue, and you are not alone. Don’t worry Unicutters has your back. For just $10.00 we offer you a full detailed break down of your lawn. Contact free! You will provide us with pictures of your front and back lawn, answer a few questions and a greenskeeper will analyze every detail of your request. We will then email you an entire detailed prescription of exactly what your lawn needs with a quotation enclosed. With this prescription you are free to: DIY, find another service provider, or continue the process with us. The beauty of this service is its freedom, with expert & professional knowledge.