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Deep Core aeration

Deep core aeration in edmonton, st albert, sherwood park, and leduc

At Unicutters Lawn Care, our mission is simple: to give our customers back their time so they can enjoy their life – and their lawn. Our lawn care service includes professional mowing, trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces. Our team of lawn care experts follow a specified lawn care schedule so you’ll always know when to expect us. And, you freshly cut grass will let you know when the service is complete. You’ll enjoy a healthy and green lawn and best of all, more time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Lawn mowing seems like a simple task; however, if it’s not done properly, it can set your lawn up for failure resulting in brown and unhealthy grass. Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. Unicutters follows correct cutting practices and guarantees healthy, drought-tolerant, thicker grass to crowd out weeds. We pay attention to mowing at the correct height and make sure to follow strict guidelines. 


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benefits of deep core aeration edmonton and st albert

Deep core aeration

Deep core aeration is a must have service when you are serious about making your lawn look better than the neighbors. Don’t miss out on this service!

  • Enhanced ability to uptake water and nutrients
  • Deeper root growth means droughts will not affect your lawn as much as they used to
  • Fertilizer and seed applications will yield superior results compared to before

Why use unicutters?

We offer a ton of services including mowing/maintenance, fertilizer packages, over-seeding and reseeding, deep core aeration, power raking, spring and fall cleanups, tree & shrub care (pruning, removal and fertilization). Because of this, we are able to offer discounts to our services like aeration since we are usually performing other services in conjunction. 

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edmonton nutrients in soil needed for a beautiful lawn

Dont just Aerate!

Although deep core aeration will absolutely have drastic benefits and cause major improvements to your lawn, we always suggest fertilizing and especially seeding in conjunction. While the holes in the ground are opened up, you’ll get maximum benefit since the seed and fertilizer we spread will be able to get in every nook and cranny of the soil (seed to soil contact is crucial)

Why hire a professional?

Deep Core Aeration: What makes it better then Standard Aeration?

Just like you, your lawn needs air to breathe! why? well gas exchange between the soil and atmosphere is important. By aerating the lawn, we are allowing that all important gas exchange to occur, as well as better nutrient and water absorption through the root system. So what is the deep core in aeration? and why is it better then standard aeration? Glad you asked! There are a variety of aeration machines available some are smaller, some are lighter or heavier, some roll, and some punch the ground. The important variables here are the size and more importantly the weight. Our aerators are very large & come with the ability to add weight. These types of aerators also can have larger tines. This allows for deeper and larger holes to be made. The deeper and larger the whole, essentially the better!

How often should I aerate my lawn?

There is a huge misconception that you should only aerate your lawn every two years. This is not the case. Your lawn should at an absolute minimum be aerated every 2 years. But! it should ideally be done 1-2 times a year especially with how affordable lawn care companies make this service. The best times to schedule this is in the spring & fall. Pair it with overseeding and prepare to be amazed.

Okay, So What Is Aeration?

Simply put, it’s pulling a nickle sized diameter, 2-3 inch plugs out of the turf. These plugs will contain turf, thatch, and soil. Although, it may look funny for a bit, these plugs will biologically decompose back into the ground to provide more nutrients to make your lawn thick and lush! But that’s not the only benefit!

  • Better gas exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • healthier and more effective hydration
  • Greater access to the air, nutrients and water improves the overall health of the lawn! keeping you and your lawn happy!
  • improved resistance to diseases and pests due to a healthier root system
  • Relieves soil compaction. Essentially, by removing the cores, it makes more room, in turn decreasing the soil density making it easier for roots to grow, water to be absorbed and organics to be decomposed, absorbed, helps the terrain self level, and develops a deeper root system for your grass to store the water & nutrients.
  • Benefits of pairing deep core aeration with an Overseeding applications. It is beneficial to aerate before over-seeding. Pulling plugs, allows the seed-to-soil contact to be greater, in turn increasing germination rates, and creating a moist, protected environment for the optimal growth and development of seedlings.

How Often Should Aeration Be Performed?

Generally, aeration should be performed annually but ideally 2 times a year. As can be seen above, it promotes a healthier and happier lawn! Once in the spring and once in the fall for cool season grasses since it should be done during active growth.

What if I don’t really care about my lawn all that much, when do I absolutely need aeration?

Here is a few tips to check:

  • Soil compaction will prevent water from being absorbed. You’ll notice puddles on the lawn after rainstorms, which essentially means that little water is being absorbed. This is bad, but aeration to the rescue!
  • “Screwdriver Test”- an easy and accurate way to test the soil for compaction issues. Is it difficult to push the screwdriver into the soil? then you definitely need aeration!
  • Excessive thatch build up is a great indicator for a need to aerate. Thatch is a layer of organic living and dead matter between the soil and the greens. If it’s over 1/2 inch thick, it needs to be dealt with. If it isn’t, lawn damaging insects and disease may prevail.

How Does Lawn Aeration Work? 

A heavy lawn aeration machine is used to poke holes in the lawn, leaving cores on the turf. The cores are nickle sized in diameter and 2-3 inches long. After a few rainfalls and thorough watering, they will disintegrate and the nutrients will be recycled by your turf to improve its health!


  • Clearly mark sprinklers, irrigation lines or anything else that could be poked by the machine on your lawn to avoid any unnecessary damage.
  • Water well a day before the aerating to allow for larger cores to be pulled, maximizing effectiveness.
  • Let the plugs bio-degrade, they contain vital nutrients that will be reabsorbed in your lawn!
  • Over-Seeding and Starter Fertilizing can be done in conjunction with the aeration. The pairing improve  seed-to-soil contact, water and nutrient uptake, and re-absorption of nutrients will aid in the development of young seedlings. The starter fertilizer adds phosphorous to the soil so that the seedlings can grow vast root systems very quickly!


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Rita Wong
Unicutters provides excellent lawn care and service! We are repeat customers and are always happy with how our lawn looks. They are always neat and tidy. We highly recommend them! Keep up the good work!
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Tamara Jando
Thank you so much for the wonderful job! So grateful you were able to help me out on short notice.
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Nermine Moussa
When everyone else is booked till October Unicutters were available as soon as I needed them My grass was overgrown and they did a hard job Thanks
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JRJ 2340
Very professional service and punctual. Responsible and courteous. They respond right away to any questions or concerns. I definitely recommend them.
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B Kuts
I've really enjoyed my entire experience with Unicutters. Their website is super easy to use, I could pay with Google pay so I was able to book/pay for everything easily on my phone. They did a great job with our yard and were very efficient.
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Mike Polegi
After a medical issue, I needed help with lawn care this summer. After calling several businesses and being told it would be weeks to months before I could be scheduled, I contacted Unicutters Lawn Care. They were very professional and offered to fit me in the next day, then arranged for weekly attendance. The crew attending to my yard have been friendly and professional! They do great work and quickly. Money well spent.
Kyle Augusto
Kyle Augusto
Amazing experience, the team at Unicutters has taken our lawn from average to amazing in the course of 2 seasons. Their always available at any moment, and take a lot of pride in their work