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Lush green professional lawn maintenance. Unicutters lawn care we offer weekly and biweekly lawn cutting mowing services with high nitrogen iron lawn fertilizer packages, overseeding with premium grass seed mix and spring and fall cleanup services with deep core aeration, power raking

A lush, green lawn is the dream of many homeowners! but the grass, just like all other living thing including yourself requires food and nutrients. Without lawn fertilizer your grass blades begin to lose color and become yellow appearing burnt. The grass begins to die in certain areas and doesn’t grow itself back, the lawn begins to thin and worst of all! You begin getting weeds & in no time the weeds on your lawn multiply. It’s a chain of unwanted events. Let’s ensure we are feeding the grass what it need and when it needs it. 

Scheduled Fertilizing

Fertilizing your lawn is

  • We have a special formulation for different times in the season. This allows us to feed the right nutrients at the correct time. 
  • Our fertilizer is infused with iron to ensure a deep & healthy green carpet.
  • Fertilizer and seed applications will yield superior results together especially in conjunction with aeration. If you want the whole meal deal, you can get our spring/fall cleanups. We also have “Lay Back Package” where you can forget about the lawn and we’ll do everything we need to in order to make it looks great! 

Also prevents weeds!

Fertilizing your grass is an absolute must! Seriously. By fertilizing your lawn with the right nutrients on the correct schedule we will thicken the lawn into a lush green carpet leaving ZERO room for weeds to grow! 

lush bright green grass edmonton
edmonton nutrients in soil needed for a beautiful lawn

Why not do it myself?

Often times DIY is the way to go, however this is one of those cases where it makes more sense to use a professional service. We use high grade iron infused fertilizers that are specifically formulated for each of the seasons.

Paying for our service is easier and very affordable when compared to diy with this project. Lay back, relax, and watch the grass get greener with every visit. 

Why hire a professional?

Proper Lawn Fertilization



Yay! Spring time has arrived! It’s warm outside, the sun is shining and the grass is… brown. It doesn’t have to be that way for long. After a long winter of no nutrients your lawn is starving for a good meal.

A common misconception is that the lawn has enough nutrients to thrive without lawn fertilizer. The reason this is wrong, is that the soil in and around neighborhoods do not have a thriving population of microbes and insects to provide those nutrients and make them available to the grass.

Should I Fertilize The Lawn?

Absolutely! Not only is a lush, green lawn the dream of many homeowners! but the lawn, just like all other living things including yourself requires food and nutrients. Without lawn fertilizer your grass blades begin to lose color and become yellow appearing burnt, the grass begins to die in certain areas and doesn’t grow itself back, the lawn begins to thin and worst of all! You begin getting weeds & in no time the weeds on your lawn multiply. 

What are the best ways to prevent weeds?

  1. Fertilize your lawn 2 – 4 times a season
  2. Over-seed 1 time a season

If your looking for the easiest and best way to prevent and limit the amount of weeds your lawn gets. It starts with Overseeding with premium filtered grass seed either in the spring or in the fall. Followed by fertilizing with the right fertilizer.

What is the right fertilizer? 

The right fertilizer is dependent on your lawn and can change throughout a season. Our team is trained to understand what your lawn needs and when it needs it. We have a few blends of fertilizer we like to use. Our starter fertilizer is designed to develop better rooting systems and aid baby grass in its growing stages making it perfect paired with Overseeding or for lawns that are struggling to drain water and utilize it. We have a special blend of fertilizer that is macro and micro nutrient dense, coated to not burn your lawn, and with just the right amount of nitrogen & iron it is the best lawn fertilizer at preventing and fighting weeds. Fertilizing in the fall is also an amazing way to prevent weeds as it gives your lawn the fastest jumpstart in the spring, reducing the amount of weeds due to less soil exposure.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Fertilizer? 

  • Replacement of nutrients lost to bagging the grass clippings (more on this later)- healthier to mulch the grass!
  • Promotes the growth of new leafs and root growth
  • Helps the grass recover from foot traffic and pest damage
  • Controls and reduces the growth of weeds

What Do I Need To Do Before And After Fertilizing?

It will be crucial to water after the fertilizer application. Remember, you can eat all you want, but if your not getting enough water…  It’s the same with your lawn, you can give it lawn food, but you need to make sure your watering or your results wont be as effective.

You should also highly consider mulching the grass. This means, take the bag off, put your mulching kit on and cut like you normally do. If your mower does not have a mulching kit, than just take the bag off and cut. Why you might ask? It’s very simple, yet not something many homeowners consider. Plants biodegrade, and so when the grass is cut, you get clippings which can be left on the lawn. When done so, they will biodegrade and the nutrients that make up the plant will be broken down into chemicals to be used up by the living grass.

Lawn Fertilizer Packages:

Here at Unicutters we do things slightly different. We have an amazing all around fertilizer package, with an over-seeding application. When you sign up for this package, our team at every visit diagnosis your lawn and makes adjustments to the blend if necessary. This ensures your lawn is never over fertilized in any one direction. This way you get what you should expect from a professional service.

Our fertilizer packages are commitment free and can be customized at will. You only want 2 applications, no problem. If you are not sure of what you want in terms of fertilizing we have a great short questionnaire you can submit. A greenskeeper will analyze your submission and make you a custom tailored plan that suits your wants and needs. Request your custom tailored (fertilizer package) quote by clicking here. 


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Rita Wong
Unicutters provides excellent lawn care and service! We are repeat customers and are always happy with how our lawn looks. They are always neat and tidy. We highly recommend them! Keep up the good work!
Tamara Jando
Tamara Jando
Thank you so much for the wonderful job! So grateful you were able to help me out on short notice.
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Nermine Moussa
When everyone else is booked till October Unicutters were available as soon as I needed them My grass was overgrown and they did a hard job Thanks
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JRJ 2340
Very professional service and punctual. Responsible and courteous. They respond right away to any questions or concerns. I definitely recommend them.
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B Kuts
I've really enjoyed my entire experience with Unicutters. Their website is super easy to use, I could pay with Google pay so I was able to book/pay for everything easily on my phone. They did a great job with our yard and were very efficient.
Mike Polegi
Mike Polegi
After a medical issue, I needed help with lawn care this summer. After calling several businesses and being told it would be weeks to months before I could be scheduled, I contacted Unicutters Lawn Care. They were very professional and offered to fit me in the next day, then arranged for weekly attendance. The crew attending to my yard have been friendly and professional! They do great work and quickly. Money well spent.
Kyle Augusto
Kyle Augusto
Amazing experience, the team at Unicutters has taken our lawn from average to amazing in the course of 2 seasons. Their always available at any moment, and take a lot of pride in their work