Lawn Power Vacuum
Spring / Fall Cleanups

What are the benefits of a Lawn Power Vacuum?

  1.  Allergies: A power vacuum cleans all the dead matter, and debris helping alleviate allergy sufferers while also really kickstarting your lawn for the season. 

  2.  Soil Exposure: By removing thatch, leaves, and debris we allow for more soil exposure. This allows for new grass to grow by itself, and increases grass seed germination when paired with over-seeding

  3. Loosens and turns soil: The high powered suction loosens soil, helping improve drainage and your soils health


During spring & fall cleanups we are able to clean the lawn further from all of the winters debris. After suctioning all of the matter with the lawn vacuum, we then do a 2nd pass with our commercial lawn mowers. This allows for a deeper clean, especially after having had the power rake and power vacuum loosen up everything on the lawn.

What other services are possible with the lawn vacuum?

Often pines, pine cones, excessive leaves are an extra service that is billed with time spent. By having a lawn vacuum we are able to clean some of this simply through the spring or fall cleanup. Anything that is extra is billed by time, but by having a lawn vacuum we can clean these messes far quicker resulting in more competitive rates.

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