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Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes (Alberta Edition)


It is not uncommon for people to overwater or over-fertilize their lawns when they are trying to help their yard look better. Oftentimes it is just better to hire a lawn care professional. We have access to the best products & the expertise, at discounted rates, saving you time and money. But, we’d still love to help you on your journey if you are in fact taking care of the lawn yourself.


These are some simple ways you can fix these common mistakes:


  1. Watering: There should only be 1″ of water per week and no more than that! To check how much water your lawn is getting, dig down about an inch in different parts of the lawn. If there’s dry soil, you probably need to water more. Also, if parts of the yard are wet but others aren’t it means that you’re using too much water in a single area.
  2. Fertilizer: Grass needs about 1/2 to 5/8 of a pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet. It’s best to split up fertilizer applications throughout the season. The right fertilizer is difficult to answer, because every lawn needs something different, and at different points in the season. We often use a nutrient dense high nitrogen fertilizer that is slow release with added Iron. This ensures that the lawn cannot be burnt, while the iron adds a rich green color while preventing the growth and spread of weeds.
  3. Mowing: You should cut your lawn mower blades once every one or two weeks in the summertime for cold season grasses, with sharp blades. A good time to do it is when the grass reaches 2.5-3 in tall and not higher than 3 inches in cold season grasses. Make sure you mow when the grass is dry, and that you don’t cut more than a third of the height off in one go.
  4. Weeds: You need to pull weeds when they’re young before they have gone to seed. It’s best if you do it early in the morning or after 6 PM because that is when weed seeds start to dry out. Alternatively, we can spray the weeds with a commercial herbicide ensuring your lawn stays healthy, and looking its best.


Now you’ve learned how to avoid some common mistakes people make when taking care of their lawns! If you’re looking for more information we’ve got tons for you at Services – Unicutters Lawn Care or simply contact us at hello@unicutters.ca. We’re always here to help!


Living in Edmonton, Alberta:


we have what are called cold season grasses – cool-season grasses are considered “cool weather” because they grow best when the temperature is between 4° and 24° degrees Celsius. Most of these grasses do not grow well in warm climates and will die off when the temperature gets hot.

It is all too common for people to over-water, over-fertilize, and not keep up on mowing schedules which leads to weeds taking over, and ultimately killing the grass.

To avoid this, remember to water your lawn at roughly 1″ per week, and spread out your lawn fertilizer applications, mow when the grass is dry, and don’t cut more than a third of the height off in one go. We can also spray down weeds with herbicide if you need help!

The beauty of hiring a professional is we take all of these factors into account with all our services. Unicutters Lawn Care prides ourselves on our ability to time every service, to feed off of each other. We can ensure your lawn gets everything it needs, when it needs it, without conflicting with other services.

We pride ourselves on the products we use, and expertise so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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