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The importance of seeding

Lush green professional lawn maintenance. Unicutters lawn care we offer weekly and biweekly lawn cutting mowing services with high nitrogen iron lawn fertilizer packages, overseeding with premium grass seed mix and spring and fall cleanup services with deep core aeration, power raking

Similar to the effects of fertilizer, overseeding is going to be incredibly important to getting the lawn that you’ve been dreaming about at night. I know what you might be thinking – why the heck do i need seed on my lawn? simple, because your turf is going to need it to get really thick and lush like that picture above! We need to fill in all those little spaces in the lawn. We can get it thick enough to even reject weeds all together. Let’s do this!

Why do we need to seed?

Terrible things happen, even to some of the best lawns! Things like bare spots, weak, thinning or patchy grass in your yard resulting from weather conditions, weed infestations, compacted soil, or poor drainage are a few examples to name.

If these are issues that are affecting your lawn, Over-Seeding is an excellent method of choice to restore the lawns lush and healthy condition. 

Also prevents weeds!

Fertilizing your grass is an absolute must! Seriously. By fertilizing your lawn with the right nutrients on the correct schedule we will thicken the lawn into a lush green carpet leaving ZERO room for weeds to grow! 

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Why not do it myself?

We’ve got a lot of experience with all types of lawns and conditions. You can trust our expertise to kick your lawn into shape and keep it there. (*kicking not included*)

Paying for our service is easier and very affordable when compared to diy with this project. Lay back, relax, and watch the grass get greener with every visit. 

Why hire a professional?

Proper Lawn Over-Seeding and Re-Seeding


Terrible things happen, even to some of the best lawns! Things like bare spots, weak, thinning or patchy grass in your yard resulting from weather conditions, weed infestations, compacted soil, or poor drainage are a few examples to name.

If these are issues that are affecting your lawn, Over-Seeding is an excellent method of choice to restore the lawns lush and healthy condition. 

But! Did you know that over-seeding is one of the keys to having that lawn you’ve always dreamed of? That it is extremely effective at naturally preventing weeds? and that it can save you money with yearly applications?

What The Heck Is Over-Seeding!? 

glad your curious! Over-Seeding in simplest terms, is the act of broadcasting brand new, quality grass seed over the existing turf. The blend and freshness of the grass seed is an important factor here. Store bought grass seed has often sat for so long that its lost its full effectiveness and different blend have all sorts of different pros and cons!

So, how does it prevent weeds, save money, and look good all at the same time??

Overseeding is incredibly powerful done in conjunction with aeration in the Fall or Spring. The seedlings fall into the aeration holes, this both keeps them in place and helps them grow. Done in the spring or fall also increases the success rate of each individual seed as the temperatures and soil conditions are just right. By broadcasting seed across your entire lawn we are filling in all the bare spots / spaces in between each grass blade on your lawn which leads to a thicker, lusher lawn. By filling in the spaces weeds are choked and suffocated out as the grass fills the spaces they would otherwise occupy. Also, as grass ages we are able to power rake dead, diseased, insect, pest, or even rodent infested zones. After doing so, Overseeding effectively renovates an old tired lawn thereby decreasing all sorts of future recovery costs like top dressing or even having to reseed entire dead zones.

What’s so good about our premium grass seed?

We purchase a premium fresh blend of grass seed. Are default blend is perfect for any and every lawn but if you want to explore even more premium golf seed options or even grass seed to tackle specific problems feel free to send us an email here (Contact Us).

Our blend consists of:

  • 40% Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 40% Creeping Red Fescue
  • 20% Perennial Ryegrass

Although, there is an extensive explanation to why this is the perfect all around grass seed blend for cold seasons grasses like, Alberta. Some of the key points are: 

    1. This blend is incredible at spreading and re-growing itself in dead and bare spots through rhizomes.
    2. It is tough durable blend that can take a beating from a harsh winter or heavy traffic over your lawn.
    3. It has a beautiful rich/dark green color that stripes very well when mowing.
    4. Great in both hot and cold temperatures. 
    5. Adaptable; Whether its been a drought, or a rainy season this blend is resilient. Which can save you money as it is efficient with or without water or fertilizer. Obviously it looks its best with regular feeding.

How Can I Prepare My Lawn Before Over-Seeding?

For seeds to germinate, they need lots of water (which you will read more about in the next section). But it’s not the only important thing. Sunlight, the main contributor to photosynthesis, will be crucial to the survival and growth of new seedlings.

Key Points:

  • Seed to soil contact
  • Adequate nutrients
  • Adequate sunlight

Before we come:

  • Mow your grass to about 1.25 inches which will ensure adequate sunlight, and seed to soil contact.
  • Didn’t get a chance to mow? That’s okay, our seeds still have a great success rate without mowing low.


How Do I Take Care Of My Lawn After Over-Seeding?

Well, there is a few things to take into consideration. You will absolutely need to water! Lots!

In fact, water one to two times per day until the grass is at mowing height! this ensures germination and growth of as much seeds/grass as possible.

Lets Get Booked In! 

Okay! congrats you have now learnt a ton of stuff about over-seeding. Lets get you booked in!

Well hold on.

One more thing! When Over-Seeding, which should be done 1-2 times per year (spring/early summer and fall). Aeration and Starter Fertilizer should be done in conjunction. That’s it! Your ready to go young seedling.


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