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Power edging overgrown grass off of side walks and driveways lawn service profesional

Power edging is often overlooked by many. This is definitely a service you do not want to miss out on. Have you ever seen a really nice front lawn and wondered what made it look that darn good. Well this is a major factor. You will not believe how much better we can make your yard look with our professional power edging service! 

Doing this yearly or twice a season will do your lawn the justice that it deserves. 

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How does it work?

We will bring our a special piece of machinery called a power edger. It’s got a blade on it that will cut through turf up to 7″. We will use this blade to cut a perfect line along the straight edge of your driveway, or sidewalks. We can even follow curves. After we are finished, we will clean up the debris and dispose of it in heavy duty bags. 

  • Remove the over-growth of lawn that is intruding upon your driveway or sidewalk
  • Doing this regularly will keep a healthy and fine looking separation between the concrete and the turf. 

Why use unicutters?

We are the among the highest rated lawn care professionals in the city! With an offering of a ton of services including mowing/maintenance, fertilizer packages, over-seeding and reseeding, deep core aeration, power raking, spring and fall cleanups, tree & shrub care (pruning, removal and fertilization). Because of this, we are able to offer discounts to our services like aeration since we are usually performing other services in conjunction. 

edmonton nutrients in soil needed for a beautiful lawn

Dont just Power Edge!

Although power edging will make a very noticeable improvement to your lawn, we always suggest proper maintenance including spring/fall cleanup, fertilizing, seeding and scheduled mowing! Make sure you dont miss out!

Why hire a professional?

Professional Power Edging

Power Edging The Lawn

What is Power Edging?

Power edging is a service that is supplied in our spring and fall care packages but can also be purchased as a standalone service. We use a commercial machine with a blade to cut off the overgrowth of grass that invades your sidewalks and driveways! Once done, we can collect upwards of 10 lbs of turf. It provides a much cleaner look and can seriously make a noticeable difference to the appearance of your lot.

Benefits of Power Edging

■Uniform grass lines that meet your concrete areas give your lawn a clean look.
■Uncovers the entire surface area of your concrete surfaces.
■Removes grass clippings and trash that accumulate on the edge of the grass.
■Makes edge to edge snow removal easier because your equipment does not get caught on the grass overhanging your sidewalk areas.
■Makes your sidewalks safer for pedestrians by eliminating some trip hazards.

Lawn Edging should be done at least once per growing season to keep the overgrowth minimal. If possible, twice per season is recommenced (once during the spring and once during the fall). This will ensure maximal benefits. Especially making shoveling easier during the winter months.


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Rita Wong
Rita Wong
Unicutters provides excellent lawn care and service! We are repeat customers and are always happy with how our lawn looks. They are always neat and tidy. We highly recommend them! Keep up the good work!
Tamara Jando
Tamara Jando
Thank you so much for the wonderful job! So grateful you were able to help me out on short notice.
Nermine Moussa
Nermine Moussa
When everyone else is booked till October Unicutters were available as soon as I needed them My grass was overgrown and they did a hard job Thanks
JRJ 2340
JRJ 2340
Very professional service and punctual. Responsible and courteous. They respond right away to any questions or concerns. I definitely recommend them.
B Kuts
B Kuts
I've really enjoyed my entire experience with Unicutters. Their website is super easy to use, I could pay with Google pay so I was able to book/pay for everything easily on my phone. They did a great job with our yard and were very efficient.
Mike Polegi
Mike Polegi
After a medical issue, I needed help with lawn care this summer. After calling several businesses and being told it would be weeks to months before I could be scheduled, I contacted Unicutters Lawn Care. They were very professional and offered to fit me in the next day, then arranged for weekly attendance. The crew attending to my yard have been friendly and professional! They do great work and quickly. Money well spent.
Kyle Augusto
Kyle Augusto
Amazing experience, the team at Unicutters has taken our lawn from average to amazing in the course of 2 seasons. Their always available at any moment, and take a lot of pride in their work