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Unicutters Lawncare are experts in everything lawn. No matter the scope of the task. We set the bar for quality lawncare solutions in the Edmonton and greater area. Working alongside you from planning to application, our professional staff deliver a service built on trust, quality and years of experience that is sure to excel beyond your expectations. 

Scheduled & On Demand Mowing

Spring & Fall Clean up

Shrub and tree maintenance service fertilize shape and prune

Total Shrub & Tree Care

Power Edging

Fertilizer & Seeding

Scheduled & On-Demand Mowing

Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowing. Our experts have the experience and equipment to take care of any project including: 

• Residential lots 

• Commercial Properties 

• Condos

Spring & Fall Care Package

We offer full service for commercial and residential lots. You’ll be notified when the crew is on site via gps notification and are sure to be stunned when we are done. 

Inclusive of: Deep Core Aeration, Over-Seeding, Fertilizer and much more! 

• Kickstart the season with our comprehensive spring & fall packages. This will be sure to keep your lot in shape all season

• Commercial and Residential Spring & Fall Cleanup  

Cute dog fall lawn care services edmonton and area


If you are considering a comprehensive fertilizer/overseeding package to keep your lawn at it’s best all season, let us help you through the process. 

We offer the best package in Edmonton hands-down

• 5 nutrient dense applications of fertilizer specifically catered to your lawn and spaced perfectly throughout the season by an expert

• Overseeding to fulminate a thick & rich lawn (best done during spring and fall along with deep core aeration)

Shrub & Tree Care

Experts will shape and prune your shrubs and trees to ensure there is plenty of room for new growth and to minimize dead brush. 

• Shrub and Tree Fertilization 

• Pruning (dead branch removal and prepping for new shoots)

• Shaping

Shrub and tree maintenance service fertilize shape and prune

Deep Core Aeration

Commercial and Residential sod installation. We’ve got the experience and equipment to ensure the highest quality sod is installed correctly. 

• Residential and Commercial Installations from small house to large complexes, we have you covered. 

• High quality Kentucky Blue Sod


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When you hire Unicutters Lawn Care to take care of your lawn care needs, you are hiring a team of reliable, honest professionals. We are devoted to be the leaders in the lawn care industry. We are making the entire process, easy and enjoyable. Take a look at the residential services we provide below.

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Lawn Care

We have lawn care packages to fit everyone's needs. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or just a one time cut. Let us know!

Power Edging

Edging the front yard makes an astounding statement. Don't miss out on the opportunity to really showcase the lawn.

Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

With 3 loaded spring cleanup packages at competitive pricing, you won't be missing out on the best opportunity to get your lawn back into shape!

Dethatching/Power Raking

Let the lawn breathe again with our power raking/detaching service. If you are getting a spring cleanup, this is already included.

Deep Core Aeration

Included in our Spring Cleanups, this is the best way to allow deep root growth, improve drainage and really kick of the lawn! If done with over-seeding, it's even better!


Fall Cleanup

Get prepared for fall, so that the grass can flourish in the spring! Also, you wont have to worry about those pesky leaves.


Comprehensive fertilization and over-seeding packages for every lawns needs. Depending on your lawns health, we will choose which fertilizer will benefit most.

Shrub and tree maintenance service fertilize shape and prune

Tree/Shrub Care and Pruning

Don't let those trees and shrubs grow out of proportion and get all awkward, let us take care of them! We'll make them look just right.

At Unicutters Lawn Care, our mission is simple: to give our customers back their time so they can enjoy their life – and their lawn. Our lawn care service includes professional mowing, trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces. Our team of lawn care experts follow a specified lawn care schedule so you’ll always know when to expect us. And, you freshly cut grass will let you know when the service is complete. You’ll enjoy a healthy and green lawn and best of all, more time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Lawn mowing seems like a simple task; however, if it’s not done properly, it can set your lawn up for failure resulting in brown and unhealthy grass. Proper mowing is one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy. Unicutters follows correct cutting practices and guarantees healthy, drought-tolerant, thicker grass to crowd out weeds. We pay attention to mowing at the correct height and make sure to follow strict guidelines. 

Power Edging gives a sharp looking edge between the grass and the pavement. It gives the property a very clean look and removes excess growth of the grass over the sidewalk and driveways. 

Spring Cleanups are not something to be look passed! We highly recommend professional Spring Cleanups on a year to year base. A detailed spring cleanup is a crucial step in reviving and preparing the yard for the growing season. The best time to book a Spring Cleanup with Unicutters is early spring through mid-late spring. It is a comprehensive service that is definitively based on your specific property needs and lawn size. We offer a variety of Spring Cleanup Packages as can be seen below. 

One of the most effective services you can have done to your lawn is to aerate at least once per year and up to two times. Once in the spring and then another time in the fall. Technically speaking, aerations is actually a naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Practically, aeration can be done mechanically with a machine that removes plugs of soil and thatch. This process, improves soil aeration. 

  • Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere.
  • Enhanced soil water uptake.
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use.
  • Reduced water runoff and puddling.
  • Stronger grass roots.
  • Reduced soil compaction.
  • Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning.
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown.

The thatch in your lawn consists of dead grass and leaves, mold and other organic material that suffocates your lawn. To ensure a healthy lawn, especially in Alberta since we endure long cold winters, it is crucial to expose the soil to warmth and sunlight. The most effective way to do this is by dethatching the lawn. 

Healthy Root Growth

When you do not have your lawn power raked, you are effectively slowing growth and disabling your lawn from reaching it’s potential. The dead organic materials build up and suffocate your lawn, making sure that there will be no new growth. By dethatching, you will allow the lawn to grow thick and lush green. The power rake will stimulate existing roots and encourage new root growth, strengthening your lawn! 


When thatch is built up on the lawn, there is essentially a barrier between the soil and healthy nutrients, water and the air. This barrier must be taken away in order to promote the healthy growth of your lawn! By doing so, your lawn will be able to uptake fertilizer, new grass seed effectively. Drainage refers to the ability of your lawn to drain water. If the water is building up when it rains, you need to power rake, it should not be stagnant for long before it gets taken up by the roots of your grass.