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When is The Most Beneficial Time to Aerate

Most of us think that aeration is only needed in the Spring or 1 time per year which couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that aeration is important during all seasons, Spring & Fall. to be carried out at least 1 time per year, but preferably 2.

The actual need for aeration is very simple: the soil where our grass grows becomes harder year after year due to repeated mowing of lawns, use of heavy machinery that drives over it, constant compacting of this ground by people and pets. All these activities do not allow plant roots to grow properly in their habitat. Also, the most important part of the lawn’s environment is that it does not allow water, nutrients and minerals to pass through efficiently.

The result?

– Drought (usually during summer)  is one of the leading causes for grass shedding off or turning yellow;

– The roots grow shallowly since they cannot penetrate far into the soil;

– The grass becomes very thin and it is hard to keep it green;

– Few flowers are produced, so the plant will not be able to reseed itself.

As you can see, this type of soil deprives the lawn off everything that helps its growth and beauty.

Spring & Fall Aeration is the Solution

Aeration is one of the most effective ways to heal your lawn from those problems. As pointed out earlier, aeration allows air and soil nutrients to pass through. It also uncovers hard soil allowing water and fertilizer to be absorbed by grass roots more effectively. That’s why aeration should be carried out frequently.

Aeration is usually done by a machine that punches small holes into the ground and at the same time takes out plugs of soil. It is an excellent solution and one which can be easily carried out on your own. The more frequently you do it, the better for your lawn.

Why is Fall & Spring the best time to aerate?

This is because the soil is still moist and aeration will thus be much more effective (soil moisture allows plugs to easily merge with your lawn’s soil). Pairing aeration with over seeding during the colder months allows for better germination due to the colder and wetter weather conditions being ideal for grass seed.

Benefits of Spring & Fall Over-seeding with Aeration:

If one wishes, over seeding with grass seed can really take your lawn to the next level. This should be done in late Fall when ground is still moist. Seeds sprout by Spring time and there you have it – a lovely green lawn for this season! Pairing the seed with aeration in the fall is the perfect 1-2 punch to really get your lawn to that next level.

Unfortunately, aeration machines are very heavy, expensive, and difficult to use, furthermore grass seed can be quite pricey, not to mention that each variety of grass seed in the blend should be chosen with expertise to ensure its the perfect blend for your lawn. For what its worth we recommend hiring a professional lawn care company to aeration your lawn 1-2 times per season and ideally professionally seed it. This will save you time and your back, maybe even money with the costs involved.

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